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How do you build a snowman?
You grab a small patch of snow with your mittens. 
You roll it around gathering more as you go, around & around in the freshly fallen snow.
With a frost nipped 
nose & a twinkle in your eye, you stand back to admire your magnificent creation.

Community works like that too! You start with a small idea, & slowly gather more people, ideas & talents.
You believe in something good, in hard work & you have a few laughs along the way. In the end 
you stand back & see that you have created something wonderful.
We’re excited to introduce our Snowman Project…a tiny idea that grew into something wonderful with the help of local nonprofits & volunteers.

                    • Cedar Community wood workers have created all the wooden pieces
                    • Snowman eyes, noses, smiles & even pipes were painted & sanded by Camp Super Hero, Key Club, Hope Club, & The Threshold
                    • Scarves have been knit & crocheted by Crafts for a Cause
                    • Hats have been created by countless volunteers; including coworkers from DentaQuest who spent their day off making top hats
                    • Dunn Bros donated coffee bags that have been upcycled to hold all the pieces of your snowman kit together

Available at the Volunteer Center and these great local businesses: 
Money raised goes right into programming here & helps
both the non-profits & volunteers in Washington County that helped us make the Snowman Project possible.

Now that’s how community 
works together!

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