Our visionary founder Sharon Ziegler had an idea in the early 80s -- to create a SINGLE place where organizations could share their volunteer needs and where volunteers could find out how they could serve the community.


She took action and by 1982 had formed the Voluntary Action Center Advisory Committee. This committee represented 10 nonprofit organizations that utilized volunteers. The goals? To file for incorporation and officially form the Voluntary Action Center of Washington County.

"The purpose shall be to establish and operate a Voluntary Action Center for Washington County, Wisconsin so that volunteer citizen participation in health, social service, religious, educational and other civic or cultural activities and services will be increased and coordinated for the enrichment of the volunteer, as well as the community." - Original Purpose Statement


In 1983 the Voluntary Action Center was officially incorporated and located in the Frisby House in West Bend. All efforts were put into building community relationships, agency partnerships, and spreading the word about the Center and how it could help the commuinty. The central program was the volunteer clearinghouse program, which matched volunteers to community needs.

During our 31-year history the name, locations, and logos have changed, but the core purpose of what we do has remained the same. Our staff and board is honored to carry out the vision of Sharon Ziegler and the original Voluntary Action Center Advisory Committee every day!


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